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UHNShanghai has a complete list of contract services in synthetic organic chemistry and related areas. Our clients range from academic institutes to private organizations. UHNShanghai offers our customers exceptional product quality and timely product delivery, with project costs which are highly cost-effective compared to labs in North America and Europe. For each project, UHNShanghai can provide dedicated project personnel (in full time equivalent or "FTE" costs) or one-off synthesis (with pre-determined costs as agreed with our clients). Our services include:

Custom Chemical Synthesis (milligram to multigram)
Development of Compound Libraries
Synthesis Optimization and Process chemistry
PK/PD studies (bioanalysis)
Structure-Activity Relationship Studies
Collaborative Discovery Programs


Custom Chemical Synthesis
UHNShanghai is dedicated to providing our clients with high quality, fast, and cost-effective services in custom synthesis (>95% purity, mg, gram, kg scale) which can include reference compound synthesis, building block synthesis, scaffold synthesis, combinatorial library synthesis, key and advanced intermediates synthesis, target synthesis, high-throughput synthesis and purification, and small molecular drug discovery.

Development of Compound Libraries
UHNShanghai is able to design and deliver a wide range of small molecule libraries. Using parallel synthesis techniques, UHNShanghai can rapidly generate focused libraries based on a given target molecule or scaffold of interest.

Synthesis Optimization and Process Chemistry
UHNShanghai provides contract R&D and manufacturing services to our clients by developing cost efficient and environmentally friendly processes for bulk chemical production. Our process research laboratories are fully equipped to meet your needs in synthetic route selection; APIs, stage III products, impurities, reference compound synthesis, development and optimization of chemical processes and Kg-scale sample preparation.


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