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Welcome to UHN Shanghai Research & Development Co., Ltd. (UHNShanghai),
a WOFE owned by University Health Network of Toronto,Ontario,Canada (UHNToronto).
UHNShanghai was founded by bioorganic chemical, pharmaceutical and biological veterans from Canada and China in 2006. 
Our mission is to provide high quality, innovative products and chemistry custom service to our valuable clients who range from academic institutes to private organizations.



UHNShanghai offers advanced chemical reagents and pharmaceutical intermediates to worldwide pharmaceutical, biotech and chemical industries for their research & development.



UHNShanghai has a complete list of contract services in synthetic organic chemistry and related areas. Our clients range from academic institutes to private organizations.

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Welcome to UHNShanghai R&D Co., Ltd. UHN Shanghai headquartered at Zhangjiang High-Tech Park in Pudong District, a major biomedical research and development area. UHNShanghai also has offices in Toronto, Canada, at University Health Network.

Many of our products are novel with drug-like properties; main product categories include scaffolds and building blocks; acids, aldehydes, amines, amino acids and derivatives, boronic acids, heterocycles, ketones, and chiral intermediates. Hundreds of molecules are added to our catalog weekly.

The Latest Product


CAS Number: 17184-19-9


UHNShanghai offers our customers exceptional product quality and timely product delivery, with project costs which are highly cost-effective compared to labs in North America and Europe. For each project, UHN Shanghai can provide dedicated project personnel (in full time equivalent or "FTE" costs) or one-off synthesis (with pre-determined costs as agreed with our clients). Our services include: Custom Chemical Synthesis (milligram to multigram) Development of Compound Libraries Synthesis Optimization and Process chemistry PK/PD studies (bioanalysis) Structure-Activity Relationship StudiesCollaborative Discovery Programs.


In Shanghai

UHN Shanghai Research & Development Co., Ltd.
500 Jianyun Road, Zhoupu, South Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park
Building 3, Room 421
Shanghai 201318
PR China
Tel: +11 86 21 5895 8002
Tel: +11 86 21 5895 8618
Fax: +11 86 21 5895 8618
QQ: 910682807
QQ: 1687006348
QQ: 1093079209

In Toronto

University Health Network
610 University Avenue, Room 8-116
Toronto, Ontario M5G 2M9
Tel: +1-416-946-2950

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